Home Management Binder

Last year I began my journey in creating our 'home management binder'... I love organizing and needed to create a central place to store basic information for our home. We store everything from current bills to Ellie's meal schedules in our binder. Some tabs in my binder are meal planning, cleaning, budget, schedule, baby.

First, I found a 3" binder that I loved and matched the decor of our home and bought basic tab pages and sheet protectors. Also I found some white card stock for printing.

This is my binder... not that I always leave it sitting out but if I did leave it out it would still look pretty and match my decor ;)

Here are a few of my favorite printables...
My 'contact sheet' is in the front of my binder for easy reference.

The 'Baby Meal Planner' makes it simple to keep track of what my little one is eating even while I am at work (this planner can be left with my husband or a duplicate printed for a caregiver). This is actually the second stage meal planner (the first one covers 4-6 months). Also, it makes it easy to record all 'new' foods just in case the baby has a reaction. 

Jon and I needed a better system of keeping track of what needs to be cleaned so I came up with this 'cleaning schedule'. Most of the daily and weekly tasks are mine to complete and things that I don't need to be reminded of, but the monthly and annually tasks tend to get forgotten at our house. This way we always remember when the last time the gutters were cleaned out (we write down the date in the blank) and the next time we need to clean the exterior windows. 

Yay for 'baby milestones'... this isn't really a necessary item in my binder but I love it for keeping up with Ellie's next milestones and what she may need help working on (e.g. we are currently working on crawling with her belly off the ground)  :)

These printables and more will be available soon on my etsy shop either individually or as a set so you can make a home management binder of your own. Happy organizing and managing YOUR home! <3

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  1. Great idea, Lauren! Didn't know you had an etsy shop! I'll have to check it out! What's the name? I recently became a blogger myself - a cooking blog (www.cookingunbound.blogspot.com) and a general everything else blog (www.living-unbound.blogspot.com) - and I'm loving it! Great way to get all your ideas out there. Glad you and your family are well!